Keep an eye on your vehicles, fleet, family members, children, elderly, employees or anyone you need to locate real time*

High-resolution anti-tamper internal vehicle CCTV camera with built-in audio microphone and automatic night vision (colour by day black & white in low light conditions). Fully adjustable locking anti-tamper mounting bracket that allows the camera to be mounted at multiple angles. Terminated in standard video/audio phono sockets connector and DC socket.This device support Mini intelligent GPS vehicle positioning terminal. It combines the GSM wireless cctv technology and GPS positioning system technology, terminals using industrial-grade highly integrated design, intelligent power-saving and passive drift suppression, installation is simple, connect the power supply to start work immediately, wide applicable to all types of cars, motorcycles, electric cars, ships, etc., can provide all-weather, real-time vehicle positioning function, with global positioning service platform, you can achieve remote vehicle management.


Built-In Microphone- Internal high sensitivity microphone
Anti Tamper Design- Locking anti-vandal design,Anti shock ip67 metal shell
Night vision- Automatic Infrared night vision for low lighting conditions
High-Quality Picture- High resolution 960p/1080p for superior image clarity.
Direct access to network 3g/4g network Support GSM900/1800mHZ or 2300mhz
SD card support upto 128gb
Real time tracker*
Cloud and FTP support
Live or recorded video monitoring through smartphone / pc
Motion detection alert in 0.06sec
Video Format- PAL
Lens- 6mm fixed or 2.8/12mm
Field Of View- 80 degrees
Audio- Yes (internal mic) Two way audio support
Waterproof- No (internal use only)
Night Vision- Yes (IR Night vision 12x HP LED automatic)
Housing Material- Metal
Mounting- Fully adjustable locking mounting bracket.
Power Consumption- 12v DC/2A
Connectivity- Standard 12v DC (F) and Composite Phono (F) Video
High sensitivity GPS chipset
The world’s first built-in GSM and GPS antenna design vehicle terminal
Real-time location tracking, intelligent upload location information
No power button, connect the power supply to start work immediately
User password set, use more secure
Built-in monitoring CPU, automatic fault recovery
360 Degree Zero blind spot coverage- No network issues :

When the 4G network is not well, camera will automatically switch to 3G network. When the 3G network temporary is not available, the pictures will be stored in the camera memory and then be forwarded to the CMS* or to FTP server when the mobile network is available

* Features may vary on selected models